Impact of Resume on a career

Impact of Resume on a career


A resume is a document that provides an employer with a detailed statement of a job candidate’s prior work experience, education, and accomplishments. The resume often supplies an employment objective; a summary of skills, knowledge, and potential contributions; a summary of civic, professional, and philanthropic volunteer work; a list of certifications; and mention of any additional, relevant coursework.

A resume is used to apply for your posted jobs and is sent in response to your advertisement or request for applicant. It is generally accompanied by a customized cover letter.

An excellent resume has the power to open doors.

  • Features of a good resume :

-Grabs the attention of employers and recruiters

-Mentions your strongest skills and accomplishments

-Shows how you’re a match for a position or project

And most importantly, gets you a job interview!

  • Here are a list of advantages of a truly professional resume:

Your resume will stand out in comparison to the competition

Keep the recruiter interested so that you are given the opportunity to interview.

Clearly illustrate your skills and career accomplishments.

Helping  Employers sum  up your skills and achievements with ease

Allows to understand your achievements and short comings.

If you have constructed a scan friendly resume – you will have the advantage when recruiters are using resume scanning technology.

  • How are resumes used?

Resumes are used to make a favorable impression on a prospective employer. Your resume is often the first impression a potential employer has of you. For this reason, it is often referred to as one of the most crucial steps taken during a job search.

  • Why is a resume important?

Without a favorable initial impression, a prospective employer is likely to stop considering you as a suitable candidate for the job on offer and move on to other candidates who have provided better resumes.

                  Think of a resume as a tool for marketing yourself. It’s more than just a document: It outlines your background, your skills, and your education so that a potential employer is quickly and easily able to see how your individual experiences can contribute to a company’s success.

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