How to upskill yourself during Covid-19.

How to upskill yourself during Covid-19

How to upskill yourself during Covid-19:

Since the beginning of the lockdown, many of us have found that we have more time in our hands than ever before. This creates the perfect opportunity to start improving our skills or gaining some new ones.  Perhaps, you’ve noticed some areas where you could improve, or you’re considering expanding on your expertise in an effort to enter a new specialty. Upskilling can provide you with more options by opening doors that were previously inaccessible to you.

          It is also worth pointing out that even despite the coronavirus pandemic, there are many factors affecting the workers of tomorrow. Automation, technology, knowledge gaps and an aging population are just a few examples.  If you’re in an industry that has been affected by the pandemic, developing your skills can help you not only find a new job but keep you employable for many years to come. Even if you are not directly impacted, upskilling is among one of the best and quickest ways to fill knowledge gaps, gain credentials and prepare yourself for any role that emerges both now and in the future.

However, if you do make upskilling a priority right now, it will pay off – not just for your business, but also by reminding your team and employees that even in these unprecedented times, their development and progression is still of utmost importance to you. Investing in your people during this time will also help your future-proof business well beyond the short-term considerations of the pandemic.  In short, just because your business is presently dealing with the immediate impact of the coronavirus crisis, you should not overlook investing in the skills of your staff. Doing so can help your organization cope with today’s fast-changing and uncertain corporate landscape.

  • Three key reasons why upskilling now will benefit your organization as a whole –
  • Preparing for the new era of work:

 The COVID-19 pandemic has already brought significant change to the world of work, and is likely to continue doing so. New business models are likely to emerge in response to the prolonged need for social distancing. Meanwhile, customer attitudes, priorities and expectations may also evolve – it’s likely that we won’t all do business or shop in the same way in the long term.

 Your organization or team, too, is likely to look quite different once this pandemic is over. By thinking now about your team’s future skills requirements, you can plan ahead and be in a better position once the worst of the outbreak has passed.

  • Employee motivation:

 Prioritizing upskilling can be just one effective way to instill motivation and morale in your employees during these extremely difficult times. Doing so will highlight to your team that you value their development and are committed to helping them achieve their career goals, despite current challenges. Not only this, but learning new things or growing as an individual boosts our feeling of competence, which is one of our basic psychological needs. This, in turn, will be a big motivator to your team at a time when they may be feeling understandably deflated or demotivated due to the pandemic.

  • Adjusting to the ‘here and now’:

 Many organizations have had to completely pivot in order to adjust to the exceptional circumstances of COVID-19, with some roles changing drastically as a result. For instance, perhaps your team members are currently having to fulfil certain tasks that they’ve never done before. While this may represent a significant challenge, they are gaining new skills to help your organization cope with current challenges. Upskilling, then, can benefit your firm’s productivity and bottom line right now, rather than just in the future.

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