Bulk Recruitment process

Employee benefits in Bulk Recruitment

Optimize benefit plan design and administration (inclusive of health-related benefits) by assessing competitiveness and effectiveness of benefit plans (analytics and design), and cost-effectiveness and quality of vendors (brokerage).

Bulk Recruitment and bulk hiring Companies Organizations keep looking at hiring good leaders as part of their growth strategy. As one of the HR consultancy and recruiting agencies in Bangalore. We take the challenge to get appropriate alignment of leader’s aspirations with the directions of the organization. Increasingly, the search has become very specialized and focused. In Bulk Recruitment We, bring in expertise, network and market research to our clients in identifying suitable leaders for their organization. Recruitment process outsourcing As a placement offering firm we act as an intermediary between employers looking for candidates to hire and the candidates looking for jobs. Through our recruitment service we aim at providing the most suitable person for a job vacancy with our clients. As Yukthi Techsoft we are one of the bulk Recruitment services in Indian manpower services provider, It recruiting agency and the best hr consulting firms in India.
Bulk Recruitment

Employee engagement: Measure employee engagement levels through surveys and interviews, define and improve performance in employee engagement and retention. While this area of HR consulting is necessarily broad, encapsulating total rewards strategy, employee performance management, leadership transformation, and organization structure design, most companies do have very specialized independent practices.

Our goal is to search for talented candidates in bulk and providing them their d in which they are most efficient and prove to be experts in HR consultants our clients during all phases of a search. We strive always to exceed client expectations by providing a meaningful choice of candidates.

Compensation: Design and manage compensation programs related to basic salary, bonuses, and stock plans. Evaluation of positions and building of salary structures, bonus plans and stock plans for clients are common. Specializations are often based on employee types (e.g. Executive compensation consultants and sales compensation consultants.

We are working for the last decades and have great experience in providing recruitment to our clients in bulk. We follow the various stiff procedures in our hiring process and identify the right candidate through various screening techniques after understanding clients’ requirements.

Yukthi Techsoftis the best bulk recruitment services in India, In terms of bulk Recruitment companies a single company cannot manage huge hiring process this is where Yukthi Techsoft comes in picture where as a HR Consultancy we are always prepared to recruit the huge number of people and filter them according to the requirements and place the candidates or shortlist the candidates accordingly. We make sure the our clients will have a smooth and less time consuming process through Yukthi Techsoft in terms of hiring candidates.

Actuarial and retirement: Provide actuarial and administration services to manage cost and effectiveness of retirement programs, including defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

Yukthitechsoft is well established real talent search firm in Bangalore in which a variety of talented people is required in every field of the organization, viz. Startup middle and senior management level. Hence, our team searches the real talent and glorifies them into a bulk requirement.

Human resource consultancy managers are in charge of every aspect of the employee life cycle in an organization. The responsibilities of HR include preparing or updating employment records related to hiring, transferring, promoting, and terminating. The duties include planning, recruitment and selection process, posting job ads, evaluating the performance of employees, organizing resumes and job applications, scheduling interviews and assisting in the process and ensuring background checks. Another job is payroll and benefits administration which deals with ensuring vacation and sick time are accounted for, reviewing payroll, and participating in benefits tasks, like claim resolutions, reconciling benefits statements, and approving invoices for payment. HR also coordinates employee relations activities and programs including but not limited to employee counselling. The last job is regular maintenance, this job makes sure that the current HR files and databases are up to date, maintaining employee benefits and employment status and performing payroll/benefit-related reconciliations.

Bulk Recruitment Process

Mergers and acquisitions: Conduct human capital due diligence, coordinate and administer cross-functional activities during execution, including payroll and Human resource management system technology. Align organizational cultures and work styles during post-merger integration.

Talent mobility: Provides the insight and execution for full international expatriates (usually for executives) or local plus (partial-package expatriates), from pre-move informative guide, to post-move expat management program.

Other services may also include legal counselling, global initiatives, investments consulting, and the implementation of human resource technologies to facilitate human capital management.

We believe in the quote that “Your trust is our responsibility” and will make you the most efficient, hardworking, determined Candidates and add the best value that proves to be supported in business decision making for any company goals.